Geometry: exchanges and perspectives

Together with Hugues Auvray et Alix Deruelle, we organize the meeting Geometry: exchanges and perspectives. There are three talks during the day: one is a regular one-hour research talk, while the other two are two-hour expository talks. The goal of these latte is to present in a pedagogical way a research subject, its tools and basic techniques, for a large public of young geometers.

Mai 2019

The next meeting will take place on May 16th 2019 at the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, room 1516-1-01. You find here the program and abstract of the talks. This meeting is co-funded by the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu and the project ANR Contraintes de courbures et espace des métriques.

Jason Lotay (University of Oxford) : Lagrangian mean curvature flow.
Samuel Tapie (Université de Nantes) : Geodesic dynamics and Laplace spectrum in negative curvature.
Heather Macbeth (École Normale supérieure)

December 2018
The third meeting took place on December 19th 2018.

Andrea Mondino (University of Warwick) : Some smooth applications of non-smooth Ricci curvature lower bounds, slides Lecture1slides Lecture2.
Romain Petrides (Université Paris Diderot) : Maximisation of Steklov eigenvalues on a surface.
Eleonora Di Nezza (Sorbonne Université) : Log-concavity of volume.

June 2018
The second meeting took place on June 7th 2018 and was funded by the Labex mathématique Hadamard and the project ANR Contraintes de courbures et espace des métriques.

The program and abstracts of the meeting: ici.

Miles Simon (Universität Madgeburg): Local Ricci flow and limits of non-collapsed regions whose Ricci curvature is bounded from below I & II, slides.
Valentino Tosatti (Northwestern University) : The Kähler-Ricci flow;
Raquel Perales (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) : Volume entropy rigidity for RCD spaces.

February 2018
The first meeting took place on February 19th 2019 and was funded by thee Projet Jeunes Géomètres and the Laboratoire d’Analyse et Mathématiques Appliqués of the l’Université de Paris-Est Créteil.

The program and abstracts of the meeting: ici.

Paul Laurain (Paris 7) : Le problème isopérimétrique en relativité générale, Slides
Lorenzo Foscolo (Heriot Watt University, Edimbourg) : Degenerations of special holonomy metrics. Slides
Felix Schulze (University College London) : Optimal isoperimetric inequalities for surfaces in any codimension in Cartan-Hadamard manifolds.